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Juggling Municipal Risks

We don’t envy municipal risk managers. Having to contend with claims for property damage, workers compensation, and other liabilities; accidents on school yards and sports fields; resident complaints; and more other things than most of us can imagine must leave most risk managers wishing they were jugglers … or octopuses (octopi, if you prefer the […]

Santa’s Workers Comp Claim

Santa Claus Contends with Workers Compensation Claim Elf claims physical injury and mental stress due to heavy workload. North Pole — (December 20, 2021) — Saint Nicholas, sometimes known as Kris Kringle but most popularly known as Santa Claus, has had a workers compensation claim filed by one of his elves. It appears the elf suffered from […]

The PAID Act Deadline is Here

Last June, we published a post called, Clean Up Your PAID Act. It laid out the reasons that entities required to comply with the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act (MMSEA) of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and its Section 111 reporting requirements would soon be facing new mandates. Those mandates would be […]