It’s All in Here

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” (Robert Heinlein)

When we started talking about an incident-based claims system — with logical screen arrangements; workflows; reminders for appointments, phone calls, court appearances, and due dates; reporting; and analytics — people told us it was pie in the sky. We said, “Okay. Then we’ll also eliminate network folders and files. We’ll organize information by particular types of documents. And we’ll enable image files, videos, PDFs, and other file formats to be attached to each incident.”

By the time we started talking about adding an activity log to track notes and actions taken, with reminders for upcoming due dates, people seemed to take us a little more seriously. And after we told the system would connect claims to policies, would produce reports by policy and policy period, and would make every change made by anyone, by the dates they’re made, completely transparent and auditable, nobody was saying anything. So, we built it.

None of what we said was pie in the sky. All of it’s in Cloud Claims.

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