As much as anything else, the car care business is a customer-satisfaction business. No satisfaction, no customers.

As a result, car care business owners can incur liability claims for any number of reasons (premises liability, property damage, personal injury, the conduct of others acting on your behalf, and more) from any number of incidents. That’s why God invented insurance, of course. And insurance claims have to be managed.

Service With a Smile

The best thing you can do for your business and your customers is keep the lines moving and provide an exceptional customer experience. The last thing you need is a lengthy holdup if customers cite damage to their cars after going through the carwash — or if there’s an accident in the tunnel caused by the customer or your equipment. The fact of the matter is, given enough time, anything and everything that can go wrong likely will. That’s where we come in.

Whether your parent company is fully insured, self-insured, part of a self-insured group, or works with a TPA, if whomever is responsible for managing your claims is using Cloud Claims, your job gets easier. All you have to do is smile, tell the affected customers their claims will be handled promptly, minimize the interruptions of your traffic flow, and make the experience as positive as possible for your customer.

Claim Management For Car Care Businesses

And there’s another point to be made: Using a system that tracks your incidents and claims — and allows you and your parent company to analyze incidents, injuries, and claims to identify trends — will allow overall risk management to be dramatically improved.

We apologize for the bad pun. But if you don’t measure and manage your claims, you’re likely to get hosed.