Risk Management with Cloud Claims

Risk Management With Cloud Claims

A claims-focused Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

APP Tech’s Cloud Claims takes a claims-focused approach to incident and risk management. This unlocks knowledge and efficiency where it’s needed most: in the heart of risk management operations, where you find incidents, claims, and insurance.

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Designed For Self-Insured Organizations

Cloud Claims is a claims-focused risk management information system (RMIS) designed for self-insured, self-managed organizations. Its unique, incident-based approach streamlines the entire claims lifecycle; keeps all your documents, notes, and financials together; and integrates with your HR, accounting, TPA, and insurance carrier systems.

With over 20 years of experience helping self-insureds gain control over their risk and claims information, APP Tech embeds lessons learned throughout its designs. Cloud Claims brings this experience into your organization. With Cloud Claims, companies can:

Improve Claims Experience and Lower Premiums

Efficient processing ensures claims are settled as quickly as possible to minimize costs.

Implement a Single Source of Truth

Combine data for claims managed in-house with claims managed by TPAs and insurance carriers and then harness Cloud Claims’ excellent reporting and dashboard capabilities to get a complete view of your organization’s claims data.

Adapt Insurance Coverage to Your Organization’s Exposures

With a deep understanding of where losses occur and why, confidently work with your broker to purchase the right insurance. Policy management keeps your claim history and coverage clear, even as coverage, carriers, or SIRs/deductibles change over time.

Shorten Response Times to Incidents

Real-time notifications quickly engage key stakeholders, response teams, and adjusters. Rapidly respond to incidents to minimize injuries and losses.

Identify and Mitigate Risk

Rich reporting and analysis capabilities reveal the root causes of incidents, spot emerging trends, and give risk managers the information required to implement effective safety and risk programs.

Encourage Greater Collaboration Across the Organization

Rules-based reminders and tasks help claims and risk managers stay in sync. Email notifications, document management and sharing, and scheduled reports enable users across the organization to get access to knowledge from Cloud Claims.

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