Claims Management with Cloud Claims

Key Business Benefits

Multi-line Support Brings all your Claims Together

  • Process claims quickly with efficient intake and processing
  • Expedite settlements with accurate, timely information
  • Increase adjuster productivity with clear, concise screens
  • Inform stakeholders with real-time notifications
  • Scale claims operations with your business

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Cloud Claims Software


The claims process starts at the first notice of loss, and overall management efficiency is directly impacted by the quality of data collected at the beginning of the process. Cloud Claims triggers the right notifications to stakeholders and ensures claims managers have all the information they need to take swift action

  • Customizable Forms
    Start with standard forms and customize them to your requirements to ensure they contain the required information when a claim is submitted.
  • Rules-based Alerts
    Cloud Claims automates incident notifications to stakeholders and automatically assigns tasks, so claim processing can commence right away.
  • First Notice of Loss via Smartphone
    Cloud Claims turns all mobile devices and desktops into reporting portals. Key facts, documents, pictures, and videos can be collected without restrictions on size or volume.


Once a claim is opened, reach closure efficiently by integrating data with other systems, such as Medicare reporting and medical bill review providers. Communicate with claimants, attorneys, and service providers easily with email integration and form letters. Claim reserves, payments, and recoveries can be tracked internally or synced from your TPA or carrier.

  • Seamless Integration
    Cloud Claims supports API and EDI integrations with your existing systems. Receive and send data on a periodic basis.
  • Track Financial Exposure
    Once reserves are set, Cloud Claims automatically adjusts balances as payments are made. Subrogation, deductibles, and recoveries can be tracked to offset claim losses.
  • Payment Approvals
    Payments can be made based on an individual’s authority and escalated to a higher authority as set thresholds are exceeded.
  • Notifications & Reminders
    To expedite processing, Cloud Claims enables all key activities to be assigned and tracked by due date.
  • Automated Letter Creation
    Create form letters and send via email with forms fields populated automatically from the claim data.
  • Fully Adaptable & Customizable
    Customize workflows, drop-down lists, and forms.
Cloud Claims

Reporting & Analysis

  • Assess Losses and Spot Loss Trends
    With graphical representations of incidents over time, the Cloud Claims dashboard highlights loss trends so you can determine where corrective measures can be taken.
  • Dashboard
    Assess in-progress or overdue claims by status. Customizable for each user.
  • Customizable Report Library
    A library of built-in, customizable reports surfaces key information quickly. For example, loss runs view and summarize losses by division, claim type, status, etc. OSHA reports track days away from work and transferred or restricted work.
  • Identify Risk Factors with Root Cause Analysis
    Tracking incident causes helps risk managers take corrective measures.
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